Our Beef

Hall's Family Dairy Beef

All our animals are raised with love and care on our family farm. We nurture them from birth, feeding them with their own mother’s colostrum, and then hand rear in our calf nursery, using fresh milk from our cows twice a day.

We have chosen a select group of steers to rear specifically to fill the requests of the Chefs and Butchers we work with. These will all be dairy beef animals, including Jersey, Guernsey, Normande and Shorthorns steers.

We are incredibly proud of the Dairy Beef we are producing, farming without compromise by ensuring that each of our animals are selected specifically for the customer/client considering breed, required traits.

Our animals are raised exclusively on our farm, grass fed, with no antibiotics or growth hormones. Halls Family Farm’s practices are based on very ethical methods used by generations of our family’s dairy farmers, nurturing our cows, and rearing with kindness and love.

When our Steers are ready, they are brought from their paddock and handled with no stress and minimal handling.  We then drive them ourselves in Phil's very special cattle truck for custom processing at our trusted local abattoir. 

All our steers are aged to at least 2 years of age, which gives it more richness of flavour and a unique texture.


Talk to us today if you are interested wholesale purchase of our beef for your Restaurant or Butcher shop.