Est. 1890

Since 1890, Philip's family — that means the family farmers — have spent their lives dedicated to caring for their animals with ethical practices, and ensuring their dairy product is of the finest quality. That means the Dairy Farmers in our family have been learning and improving their skills for over a century, resulting in the highest quality milk for our exceptional dairy product, made right here in WA.

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Est 1890 - Halls Family Dairy
Our Story - Halls Family Dairy
Multi-award Winning - Halls Family Dairy

Multi award-winning

WA Owned - Halls Family Dairy

100% Western Australian owned

Sustainable - Halls Family Dairy

Sustainably Farmed

Family Operated - Halls Family Dairy

100% Family Owned

Quality pastures means quality dairy

All our animals are raised and cared for on our farm from birth by our family. All our calves are fed soon after birth are given exactly the same care, fed soon after birth with their own mother’s colostrum and then hand reared in our calf nursery on our farm using fresh milk still warm from our cows, twice a day. All these animals are raised on our farm, grass fed with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

All our farm practices are based on very ethical methods, treating our animals the way our grandparents did, with kindness and love.We are fortunate to have deep loam soils that grow excellent nutrient rich, lush green grass and we are deeply invested to maintain our farms natural balance using minimal herbicides and no pesticides.

We are proud of the many changes and improvements made to increase sustainability and reduce our environmental impact for this generation and our son's and grandchildren's future.

Our premium artisan cheese

Hall's Suzette

Halls Suzette - Halls Family Dairy

Philip, Suzanne & Tavis' cheese journey began in 2017, when after much family discussion, they decided to roll out their very unique and special artisan cheese: Hall’s Suzette. Made exclusively with the premium milk of their purebred Normande cows, Suzette is a soft washed rind cheese, styled on the French Pont L’Eveque. Made to a traditional recipe, and in an 8-inch square block, Suzette reflects the authenticity of a true French classic. This Award winning, local artisan cheese, is one of the best local cheeses in Western Australia.

Our beef

Hall's Family Dairy Beef

Halls Family Dairy Beef - Halls Family Dairy

All our animals are raised with love and care on our family farm. We nurture them from birth, feeding them with their own mother’s colostrum, and then hand rear in our calf nursery, using fresh milk from our cows twice a day.